Daddy + Mama = Hardy Shah & Hazry Shah

By: Hirda Ibrahim

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Sunday, 22-Jun-2008 08:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Bandung - Day 2

morning mama...
hardy: elo PAK!!
the fountain opposite the hotel..
hardy: i wanna go there!!
me, wearing my new Abercrombie tee... he he ;)
pg weekend ada org jual2.
bought the balloon for rp1000.
Pak Chi Met rest.
org jual balloon...
creative kan? use manpower nk gerak2 that kuda kayu.ha ha ha
put rubber band @ balloon & letak kat tgn hardy. creative gak.
hardy: jom aaa....
1st stop...
Happening B. outlet
enjoying their ice-cream + durian
my coke yg 'tomei'
hardy & geng2 dia fr Jakarta
lunch here...
om yan tlg jaga hardy..
muka kekenyangan...
queue @ Kartikasari
finally hardy zzzz....
yeah..dh sampai heritage..
@ Cascade
baby's room @ Cascade
outside heritage
@ summit
sib baik ada horse gangsa ni...
dinner @ Pak Chi Met
hardy dh tukar bj coz muntah dlm keta..
om yan ajar hardy "ikan". bukan Pish.
finishing the dessert...
our 2nd day in bandung starts with hardy yg excited main ngan telefon hotel. . mulut dia x habis2 "elo pak, elo pak". my son dh tau ckp indon.

lepas bfast, we went to mini park opposite the hotel. ramai org. beli balloon for hardy and pusing2 keliling fountain tu.
then, lepas Om Yan sampai, we headed to Jln Dago.

there, we went to happening, glamour, blossom, etc... (x ingat, byk sgt FO).
then, break kejap. daddy tried ice-cream + durian, while mama just stick with my coke. . coke kat sini comei sgt. kecik je botol dia.

oh btw, some of the FO here ada sediakan playland for kids <7 yrs. ada yg free & ada yg kena bayar.
hardy end up leh berbestfriend dgn anak2 indon fr jakarta. . siap leh paham apa budak2 tu bg instructions tau.

then, had lunch @ sundanese rest. then, after ber'habis' kat Jln Dago, we stop @ Kartika Sari just to buy the famous brownies kukus. tapi punya le ramai manusia. isk..isk
according to one of the local there, its normal on sunday afternoon coz org2 Jakarta dh nk balik & they confirmed nk tapau brownies kukus. mama try beli brownies bakar a few potong. yummy sgt!! harus kena beli bw balik KL ni....

our next stop, Jln Riau.
the famous FO there is Heritage, Cascade & Summit.
Heritage pun syurga for kids branded clothes. i managed to get hardy, short osh kosh kotak2 for rm7.
cascade pulak for adult clothes. cascade mcm shopping mall. mama was sooo thankful masa masuk cascade. why? coz leh rasa the aircond & ada escalator!!
note to mommies yg plan nk bwk stroller. most of FO there semua bertangga ye. no escalator, no jln yg ada cam cerun2 yg stroller leh lalu. sooo x stroller friendly.
no wonder la, mama tgk semua org sana just carry their baby guna sling je. kalu nampak org bwk stroller.. confirmed tu org Msia le tu.

balik dh mlm & we hd dinner @ Pak Chi Met's lagi. hardy suka sgt dgn brownies with ice-cream dia.

to be continued....

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