Daddy + Mama = Hardy Shah & Hazry Shah

By: Hirda Ibrahim

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Sunday, 2-Aug-2009 11:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hepi bday kanda & aqis!!!

bday girl & mama...
hardy & bday boy
having their chicky meal...
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hiya all,
yeah...yeah i know it's been a while i'm not updating my fp.
am super bz lately, since i need to work @ my HQ now, my day starts by leaving home by 6.30am; and left office after maghrib.
I only have time with my heroes during weekends.

so here backdated entry:

kanda & aqis bday bash!!
date: 02 Aug 09
venue: kfc extreme park, sec 13 s.alam.

Saturday, 4-Jul-2009 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
4th of july tragedy...

on the way to maklang's..
bring tok tam & family jln2 putrajaya..
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i wish i can reverse back the time so that this incident won't happened to him...
but this is what we call, qodo & qadar.
kami redha & at the same time still thankful that the wound is on his forehead. not in his eyes.

poor hardy... at the age not even 3, he got 3 stitches on his forehead.
now am looking for vitamin e oil @ pharmacy.

Friday, 3-Jul-2009 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
lame-lame & negalaku songs...

to tok abah, mak tok mama & mak chaq....
he's our entertainer....

lame-lame song

ori lyrics:
rama2 terbang melata,
sungguh cantik aneka warna,
hisap madu dipokok bunga,
tapi sayang hidup x lama...
tut-tut (all of his songs must end with 'tut-tut'. dunno why.. )


his lyrics:
tuhan kurniakannn
bapa kita
selamat berkataaa....

Friday, 26-Jun-2009 20:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hepi besday abg 'ashiman'....

in his lighting mcqueen's pyjama. obessed with cars...
the bday cake..
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venue: mak ngah ina's @ kota damansara
occasion: Ashman's 7th bday.

Hepi 7th bday abg 'ashiman' (hardy calls him 'ASHIMAN'.. ).
it was a small celebration attended by us & mak langs' only.

Thursday, 18-Jun-2009 09:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
cuti2 indon - bandung (again... ;))

dlm cab on the way to lcct...
cute kan? hardy & kanda.
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we went to bandung...again... hehehe... thanks to air-asia for its 0 fare promo. . we got a cheap air tickets & hotel as well.
this time niza & family are joining us...

last yr pun we went there in june. hmmm dh mcm family vacay yg wajib tiap thn, but next yr, no more bandung. penat lah...

ok... im going to update our 5 days 4 nights stay in bandung in 1 entry.. pics pun x snap byk. bz shopping i guess + at the same time monitor hardy berlari-lari2 here & there... multitasking kan?

day 1 (18th June 09)
our flight was at 0940. dh lama x naik air-asia. impress kejap tgk lcct yg dh besar + check in, imigration semua smoothly. thumb up la. compare to last year... terrible sgt. .
reached there... our supir was waiting. terus check in hotel, we stayed in Mitra hotel. for me, i'm so satisfied stayed there.. big room + got bath tub.. . this one for hardy la... and... they have massage service that can come to ur room. only rp100k perhour. . murah kan?
after that we went to
~ pasar baru
~ toko tiga
~ bandung super mall (dinner @ its food court. sedapppp)

day 2 (19th june 09)
went to
~ rumah mode & FOs dkt2 dia.(kids clothes x byk choice... . x mcm last yr)
~ lunch @ Dapur Sangkuriang (food dia so-so je)
~ cihampelas walk/mall. (konon nk bg hardy tgk characters spiderman, superman. tapi hardy zzzzz)
~ Rumah Tas. (recommended for quality designers' bags)
~ bale anak (recommended. byk choice baju kids. )
~ dinner @ pak chi met. (i miss its ayam penyet.... )
~ balik hotel, massage. (i wish i can get that price here....)

day 3 (20th june 09)
~ heritage, cascade, summit, a few FOs in jln riau.
~ lunch @ Dago Penyawangan. (its nasi timbel komplit soooo yummy.. )
~ continue shopping @ FOs in jln dago.
~ DSE (dago stock exchange)
~ dinner @ pak chi met..again...

day 4 (21st june 09)
~ tangkuban parahu
NOT RECOMMENDED!! jauh, jammed, terrible road. i mean it, it really2 terrible.
~ strawberry farm.
~ late father's day lunch @ kg daun. this one jln pun teruk. tapi after u see the ambiance. ish ish... terus lupa all the jln yg teruk tu.
~ paris van java mall
~ matahari. (dun go. nothing there. all not branded.)
~ DSE..again...
~ Kartika Sari. (tapau its famous brownies kukus/bakar. i love the cheese brownies kukus.... )
~ dinner @ mcd. semua dh jemu mkn sundanese food. their mcd ada spagetti for happy meal.
~ balik hotel, massage...again.

day 5 (22nd June 09)
~ Toko Tiga (hubby did last minute shopping)
~ terminal tas
~ airport...

thats our vacay to bandung. are we going to bandung again next yr?? errr.. i dun think so. some other place pleaseee... can i request some place that got mickey & minnie mouse, donald & daisy duck & buzz lightyear??? *wink *wink

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