Daddy + Mama = Hardy Shah & Hazry Shah

By: Hirda Ibrahim

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Sunday, 30-Aug-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

haziq - all the pics taken by hardy.
mak lang helly
uncle syed.
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it was a long weekend + merdeka holiday.
us and my sis + kids fr putrajaya went to break fast @ my 2nd sis's home.
all bz updating the 'stories' and raya preparation.

on merdeka day itself, we were so malas to go out. so for the 1st time (in Ramadhan) i will cook for break fasting. now i only hv time to cook during weekend. weekdays = tapau @ bazaar ramadhan.

hubby requested 'buah melaka' for dessert. *gulp . i gave it a try and..... the buah melaka turned out perfectly!! bravo hirda!!

pandai anak cik ani masak kan? well as what me & sisters always claim "we r a good cook. just that we dun hv time to cook".

Saturday, 29-Aug-2009 11:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
lost world @ pyramid

hardy: daddy tolong..
that game is for kids only..
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went to pyramid for last minute mega sale shopping....
oh not me, but hubby. my raya preparation dah complete & ready. nak tunggu raya je.

Thursday, 20-Aug-2009 18:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Celebrating Ramadhan @ our hometown

his senget smile..
he calls himself "hady shah bin shanon' now. LOL
@ hentian tapah. had kfc for dinner.
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I guess this is the 1st time we celebrate Ramadhan in kedah.
I was on leave from Friday - Monday. so we can break our fast 3x @ our parents'. yeay!!
as usual, the foods @ bazaar ramadhan jitra & changloon are our fave.
i stick with cincau drink and hubby with his air kelapa.
hardy?? he dun bother as long as he can ride his wan's motorcycle.

friday :
a day before ramadhan. we took hardy to jitra mall aka aneka. for the 1st time we watched movie there. not bad at all. for me it almost like we at tgv and gsc. .
we watched 'UP' and hardy really impress with the balloons in the movie. i luv the movie as well. soo touching... sob..sob..

saturday - sunday :
just feel lazy. we took hardy to c-mart. he was so lively once he's in the c-mart game arcade. well, i dun mind, since i hv my own sweet time looking for dvds. i just luv kedah! the dvd is cheaper compare to kl. so, u can imagine how many dvds i bought. it's like balas dendam session.

monday :
went to pekan rabu coz hubby wanna get some ikan pekasam. then, we went to menara alor star.
hardy was so excited. running around like nobody's business.
it was my 3rd time at menara alor star and 1st time for hubby. the last time i went there in think in 2001. wahhh 8 yrs ago. .
then, after break fast @ my parents' in jitra. we went back to kl and reached home at 2.30am.

we'll be back again for our Raya holiday fr 18th-27th Sept 09. can't wait for that!
yes, i'm glad that i'm married to someone fr the same district.

Monday, 3-Aug-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
our new call centre...

ribbon cutting. excuse the pic.. so blur!
lucy, kritika & i.
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yeah.. finally we made it!! something that we've been working since June.

our (errrr... company's) new call centre for exxonmobil is launch!! . yeah.. bravo..for all the hardwork, time, stress, etc. i can see the big grin on everyone's face. relieve i think coz it finally over.

then, we proceed with buffet dinner @ paradise hotel. the food are so yummy! especially the salmon.
dinner end around 10pm, but i left earlier coz my heroes were waiting for me @ home....

Sunday, 2-Aug-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
something in common...

waiting for my ayam penyet. hardy snap this..
this also. like father...
like son. LOL
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.. we love food!! enuf said.

since we're back fr bandung, i was craving for ayam penyet. tried ayam penyet ria @ sunway. but the taste just so-so compared to ayam penyet in bandung... hmmm

so, i suggested to try ayam penyet @ waroeng penyet at the curve. the taste? hmmm so biasa! hubby had ikan bawal bakar. that's yummy. . menyesal order the ayam penyet.

we went to muara ikan bakar @ port klang with my sis & family. luvs the crabs & prawns.

when i'm not in a mood to cook, jm beriani is there. with its beriani daging and ayam goreng. yum..yum.. something that we can't resist...

so, dun ask me why i dun loose weight k?

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